Refurbish and Restore With Bathroom Sink Faucets in Philadelphia PA

Bathroom Sink Faucets Repair in Philadelphia PA

It’s no secret that old bathroom fixtures aren’t always in good condition, and a few simple repairs can often revive them. However, some older sinks and taps are beyond repair or simply don’t have the right look for today’s trends. Replacing them with newer, more modern designs can be a less expensive option.

Luckily, many homeowners can restore their old faucets and other fixtures without hiring a plumbing contractor in Philadelphia PA, and the process involves a number of basic steps. For example, if your faucet has a chrome finish, you can clean it with a commercially available chrome cleaner and polish it with a liquid chrome polish to bring out its shine.

First, you’ll need to remove the handles and set screws from your faucets. You can do this by using a pair of screwdrivers or pliers to open the handle and lift it out. You’ll also need a wrench or other tool to tighten the setscrews and decorative cap as necessary.

Next, examine the cartridge to see how it is installed in the faucet body. Some cartridges have one or two tabs that fit into notches on the faucet’s body, while others have a plastic-covered metal retaining nut that holds the cartridge in place. If your faucet has a compression-type cartridge, you’ll need to loosen and replace the cartridge.

Faucets Repair in Philadelphia PA

Then, you’ll need to reinstall the cartridge in the same orientation as the original, aligning any tabs with the notches on the cartridge and pushing the cartridge all the way into the faucet body. You may need to replace the brass screw that’s held in the top of the cartridge shaft, if there is one.

You can find replacement cartridges at hardware stores and home centers. Typically, they come with new rubber O-rings and some plumber’s grease, which makes it easier to insert the cartridge into the faucet body.

Bathroom Sink Repair in Philadelphia PA

If you don’t have a wrench or pliers, you can use your fingers to hold the cartridge in place while you use a flat-nosed pliers to push down on the sides of the cartridge to release it from the retaining nut. Then, you can carefully remove the retaining nut.

Replacing your faucet’s cartridge can be as easy or as difficult as you choose, depending on the type of faucet you have. Most older two-handle faucets have cartridges, which contain a valve that turns with the handle to control the flow of water into the sink spout.

Bathroom Plumbing Repair in Philadelphia PA

Whether you’re restoring your faucet or replacing it, make sure to take the time to choose the perfect style and color to match your home. Adding in new hardware and a fresh, stylish faucet will give your bathroom a whole new look!

It’s also worth noting that if you decide to repaint your existing fixture, you can usually save money by choosing a cheaper material, like tin or zinc. Those aren’t as durable as gold or copper, but they offer an economical way to refresh a vintage fixture.

Don’t Sing Those Summertime Drain Clog Blues

Come summer, you are looking forward to more time outdoors. Maybe you’re even getting that grill ready for barbecue season. The last thing you’re thinking about is your drains. But take it from our Philadelphia plumbers, summer is the time when we get called out for more drain cleaning than any other time of the year.

Preventative Maintenance

Why? With the kids home from school, you may just see more strange things ending up stuck in your drains and flushed down your toilets. Or your husband has decided to shave off that winter beard and there it sits, right in your drain. We like our customers, but you certainly don’t want to be calling us every week for a drain cleaning. Here are some things you can do as preventative maintenance to cut down on those summer clogs.

Lock the Lids

No, Legos aren’t flushable. But tell that to your darlings. Speaking of flushing, lid locks are recommended for households with toddlers. Not only are toilets a potential drowning hazard according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, but it will save many things from going down the toilet that simply shouldn’t be there. Toys and whole rolls of toilet paper are clogs just waiting to happen. Lock the lids of toilets that can’t be closely monitored.

Watch What You Flush

With more people around during the summer, keep mindful of what may get flushed, especially with any water saving toilets. These are more clog-prone that the conventional toilets. But even your standard toilet can get clogged with things that aren’t meant to dissolve like paper towels, napkins, and wipes.

Baskets in the Drains

Hair is the number one clog we deal with and summer means more hair down the drain, not to mention mud, grass and other summer debris. Those little mesh baskets can catch a lot of potential clogging mess before it makes it down your drain.

Disposal Disasters

There’s nothing like fresh fruit and corn on the cob when it comes to summer eating. Burgers? Yum! But grease, fruit pits, and corn cobs can be your disposal’s worst nightmare. Be careful about what you tax your garbage disposal with and make sure to run plenty of water with each use to make sure everything is going down properly.

Don’t Use Those Chemicals

It’s just a little clog. And it looks so simple on TV, right? But those chemicals can do more harm than good. Not only can they be highly toxic, but over time, those chemicals can cause some pretty costly damage to your plumbing. Chemical drain cleaners can actually deteriorate your pipes. In most cases, your Philadelphia plumber can deal with a drain clog in a few minutes.

If you’re dealing with one of those nasty summertime clogs, call our team of professionals. Or better yet, call us for a drain cleaning as preventative care. When you call our skilled Philadelphia plumbers, you can be sure that it’s done right.