How We Can Repair and Install Completely a New Furnace Quickly and Efficiently Without Any Issues

New Furnace Installation Services in Philadelphia PA

Whether your old furnace is showing signs of age or just plain breaking down, you may have to make the decision of repair or replace. A new furnace can offer a number of benefits to your home, including better energy efficiency and less costly heating bills. However, the cost of a new furnace is a significant expense and it is important to weigh the benefits against the costs. Getting an expert opinion before making this investment is essential.

A trained technician in Philadelphia PA will calculate your home’s heat load to determine the size of furnace you need. This is a crucial step and helps to prevent problems such as ductwork leaks, overly high heating bills and unequal heating throughout the house. Having the correct furnace size can also help to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

After the heat load calculation is complete, the installation team will carefully disconnect all wiring and gas lines to your old furnace. They will then remove the old unit and haul it away. The furnace installation professionals in Philadelphia PA will need to clear a path to access the new furnace. The route they take will depend on how your ductwork is set up.

Once the new furnace is in place, a series of safety checks will be performed. They will turn off the electricity and gas that will serve your new system, ensure aggressive pets are locked away and check to see if any other hazards exist. The technicians will then connect the unit to an electrical circuit using a standard household cord (black is hot, white is neutral and green/copper is ground). A switch will be mounted somewhere on the new furnace so you can power it on and off as needed.

Furnace Repair Services in Philadelphia PA

You will need to decide where your return air duct and the condensate drain will run. Some furnaces have holes already marked for the ducting, while others require you to cut them. Once you have these connections made, the furnace can be connected to your ductwork. The furnace will then be wired to the power supply and a backup source, such as a generator or large battery, can be used for emergency heating in case of a power outage.

It is a good idea to sign up for a heating maintenance plan in Philadelphia PA with the company that installed your new furnace. This is the best way to keep your furnace running efficiently and to prevent unforeseen breakdowns. A regular preventative maintenance schedule is usually more affordable than a replacement or major repairs and can keep your furnace running for years to come. Plus, signing up for a maintenance club often includes preferred appointments, discounts on repairs and periodic reminders of the need for professional maintenance. This will help to extend the life of your new furnace even longer.