How Garbage Disposal Repair Services Could Help Your Business to Have Grand Success

Garbage Disposal Repair in Bucks County PA

When you’re running a restaurant or other business, it’s important to keep your garbage disposal in good condition. A well-functioning unit means fewer food scraps are left behind in your sink, less of a foul smell, and a safer environment for customers and employees. If your disposal isn’t working properly, you need to know how to fix it quickly and efficiently.

Garbage disposal services in Bucks County PA are often simple, and can save you the cost of a service call or new disposal unit. Here are some common problems and their possible fixes:

If the disposal isn’t turning on at all, or it makes a loud humming sound but doesn’t grind up food, start by making sure it’s plugged in and any switch that supplies power to it didn’t accidentally get flipped off. Next, push the reset button on the bottom of the disposal (check the owner’s manual for exact location). This will usually restore power and prevent further damage to the motor.

Lastly, check that no objects are lodged in the drainpipe outlet. If you still can’t get your disposal to turn on, contact a plumber in Bucks County PA for professional assistance.

If your disposal is leaking water, it’s likely due to a worn seal or loose connection. A plumbing expert in Bucks County PA will be able to replace the seal or tighten the rings that connect the sink to the disposal and the drainpipe.

A leak can also be caused by a cracked case, or even a hole. This is sometimes the result of age, and can be fixed by replacing the cover or plumber’s putty that was originally applied.

Leaking is a common problem, but it’s generally easy to find the source and fix. Check all of the connections to the disposal and sink, including those to the dishwasher or discharge pipes. Tighten or add clamps to any that are loose. Also, make sure that no seals are cracked or missing and that all of the plumber’s putty has been reapplied correctly.

Garbage Disposal Installation Services in Bucks County PA

A clogged disposal can be very frustrating, especially if you’re used to having one that always worked well in the past. Before you call for a professional, try using a sink auger to clear an obstruction. Don’t use chemical drain cleaners, as they are rarely effective and can damage the disposal. Also, remember to only put food waste into the disposal that can be ground up. This will help keep the disposal in good shape and avoid clogs and other issues. You can also prevent clogs by practicing good disposal use habits, such as running cold water for several seconds after the disposal finishes to flush the drain line.